Association of Surgical Technologists

Michigan State Assembly

Association of Surgical Technologists
Association of Surgical Technologists

The purposes of the state assembly are the following:

  • To study, discuss, and exchange professional knowledge, expertise, and ideas in the field of surgical technology.
  • To promote a high standard of surgical technology performance for quality patient care.
  • To stimulate interest in continuing education for surgical technologists.
  • To encourage employment of certified surgical technologists through cooperative efforts with other professional health care organizations and individuals.
  • To promote and maintain communication and cooperative relationships with other professional health care organizations.
  • To explore and encourage the diversified roles of the certified surgical technologist, hereinafter referred to as the “CST.”

MSA-AST is a state assembly rich with resources and talents! 

MSA-AST is for all surgical technologists, surgical first assistants and students!

MSA-AST is about the practice of surgical technology and ensuring quality patient care!

MSA-AST is like any family or organization: MSA needs all of its members to grow and to be strong. MSA is about coordinating our efforts and goals and providing continuing education; MSA is about networking and professionalism.

MSA is about quality patient care; MSA is about our profession; MSA is about you!