Association of Surgical Technologists

Michigan State Assembly

Association of Surgical Technologists
Association of Surgical Technologists





Business meeting called to order at 8:16 am


Quorum established


President Julia Jackson called for nominations from the floor


Teller Committee chair Kate Lukovich stated Julie Jackson cleared credentials and was added to the slate of candidates for Board of Directors


Donovan Traverse also cleared credentials and was added to the slate of candidates for delegates.


Business session went into recess as morning speakers began


Came back from recess at 11:40 am


Julia called for a motion to waive the reading of reports. Motion moved by Roger Thompson, CST. Motion seconded by Donovan Traverse. Motion Carried

Discussion held about the $910.00 Charge in the “other” column. Treasurer Mary Jo Nowicki explained it was used for HOSA table display and travel expenses.


Julia called for a motion to donate half of the 50/50 winnings to a food pantry in Mancelona. Motion moved by Roger Thompson. Motion seconded by Mitch Moffat. Motion carried.


Julia briefed membership on BOD voted stipend for 2016 Delegates to be $1000


Slate of Candidates presented by President Julia Jackson. Candidate introductions followed.

  1. Julia Jackson: President
  2. Tracy Skaritt-Karbowski: Vice-President
  3. Mary Jo Nowicki: Treasurer
  4. Michael Templeton: BOD
  5. Rocco Martinisi: BOD
  6. Renona Smutny: BOD
  7. Julie Jackson: Nominated from the floor by Stacia Sharpe, CST


Delegates introduced, Julia Jackson stated per MSA bylaws, the president always is delegate Chair leaving 5 delegate positions and 6 alternate positions


Business Session recessed for rest of the day. Voting took place before lunch.


Business Session Reconvened at 8:46am Sunday Sept. 20th


President Roy Zacharias presented recognition certificates for Board members and officers ending their terms: Julia Jackson, Tracy Skaritt, Mary Jo Nowicki, Renona Smutny, Daniela Wolford


Secretary Katie Lukovich presented the teller committee report: Results are as Followed:

            President: Julia Jackson

            Vice-President: Tracy Skaritt-Karbowski

            Treasurer: Mary Jo Nowicki

            BOD: Rocco Martinisi & Julie Jackson


Delegates to the 2016 National Conference: Julia Jackson, Katie Lukovich, Mary Jo Nowicki, Rebecca Hall, Stephanie Allen, and Rocco Martinisi


President Roy Zacharias gave oath of office to the newly elected officers and BOD members.


Business session went into recess and AM speakers began


Frankenmuth- Spring (Apr 9/16/24/30)


U of M- Fall (October)


Business meeting adjourned 12:06 pm



2016 Spring Workshop free registrant: LeeAnn Betz, Student

Ways and Means Funds earned 50/50: Sat: $221.00 Sunday: $123.00

Merchandise: PayPal: 469.00 Cash:242.00


Donation: $172.50